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Cabo San Lucas Blog – Los Cabos, Mexico

Cheese and Wine Festival Benefits Local Children

Tue, Mar 21, 2017

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Los Cabos has burnished its wining and dining reputation in recent years with an ever increasing series of spectacular culinary themed events, from the enormous annual Sabor a Cabo festival – which features upwards of 50 top local chefs – to chic tasting affairs like ultra-luxury property The Resort at Pedregal’s summertime Art of Taste.

For connoisseurs of cultured milk products and fermented grape juice, however, the standard setter remains the yearly Cheese & Wine Festival, the 5th edition of which takes place this Saturday, March 25, from 6 to 10 p.m.

Proceeds from the high-end foodie fete, as always, go to benefit the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, which for the past 13 years has been working to provide access to pediatric oncology, cardiology and intensive care programs to local children with serious medical issues.

The backdrop for this gustatory celebration will also be familiar to attendees of earlier incarnations:  the elegant and expansive Salon Hacienda ballroom at Sheraton’s 270-room showpiece resort in the Cabo del Sol development at Punta Ballena, a whale-shaped point overlooking the Sea of Cortez between cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Sheraton’s Hacienda del Mar property has long been famed as a special events destination (Hacienda del Mar hosted each of the previous four Cheese & Wine Festivals, and also welcomes participants and guests for both the Los Cabos International Film Festival and the Los Cabos Pro-Am Golf Tournament); as well as for its numerous excellent onsite restaurants, which include Pitahayas (whose chef, Volker Romeike, pioneered pan-Asian fusion cuisine in Los Cabos), De Cortez Grill (home to superb steaks and seafood) and Girasoles (lauded for its traditional Mexican specialty dishes).

For tickets or additional information about the 5th annual Cheese and Wine Festival, visit www.sheratonhaciendadelmar.com, email hacienda.delmar@ sheraton.com, or call (624) 145-8000.


Photo courtesy of Sheraton Grand Los Cabos Hacienda del Mar.




Los Cabos Fishing Report – March 19, 2017

Sun, Mar 19, 2017

Cabo San Lucas Blog | Baja Fishing | Cabo Fishing | Cabo San Lucas Fishing | Los Cabos Fishing | los cabos tourist info | Los Cabos Vacation Rentals | Los Cabos Villas | Mexico Travel | Mexico Travel Los Cabos Vacation Rentals

March 19, 2017

A steady flow of spring break vacationers continue to arrive in Los Cabos, also this is the big week for the annual San Jose del Cabo traditional as well, so the town is very busy. The weather is progressively warming up, already feeling like late spring, winds were light in recent days, skies were clear and high temperatures were in the mid-80s, ideal climate now. Still lots of whales being sighted, we expect with this warming trend, that these mammals will start heading north soon.

Schools of sardinas are being found near Palmilla, on most days sufficient supplies were being netted, other bait options included ballyhoo and strips of squid. Most of the local action has now been found from off of Palmilla, to Punta Gorda, La Fortuna and to the Iman Bank. Not much at all being found further offshore for the charters that did scout that out, lack of billfish action at this time, most charters are fishing closer to shore and over the normal rocky structure areas until reports offshore improve

Yellowfin tuna action was very spotty, the tuna were seen at times on the surface, but were very finicky in striking baits, not hitting on lures either. Best chances were found while drift fishing or slow trolling with live sardinas over the grounds of La Fortuna and the Iman Bank, we were only seeing a handful of yellowfin landed each day, anglers were fortunate to land one of them, of the fish we saw, they averaged 20 to 30 lb, though we did see one 60 lb. fish brought in mid-week. There were more black skipjack than anything else.

Off the bottom, on these same grounds, we saw a mix of species such as yellow snapper, island jack, amherjack, cabrilla, red snapper, pargo and triggerfish. Not a lot of larger fish, mostly in the 4 to 10 lb. range, no big quantities either, but all very good eating. Strong currents have been running, this never helps anything, especially when fishing the bottom. Inshore the main action was for sierra while using sardinas, we saw a few nicer sized fish up to eight pounds accounted for.

We have not seen any dorado recently, though we did have big surprise with a wahoo bite developing off of Punta Gorda, this is something we normally would see in December. Even though the water temperature is in the lower 70s, there were sizable schools of wahoo holding in this area, which is less than a mile from shore. Sizes ranging from 15 lb. to 60 lb. Fish were a bit finicky, coming up on baits, most often not striking, other times they would hit sardinas or rigged ballyhoo and many also hit on yo-yo jigs. A few of the local skippers tried other techniques normally used only while trying to snag baitfish such as mullet, not an approved method, but wahoo are very elusive and open game. Of course the word got out of this action by later in the week and then we saw free divers with spears working the same spot, this is always a quick way to spook the fish out of the area. With the ongoing warming trend anything can happen and this wahoo action in recent days has been a prime example of this, as March is not the normal season when we find these prized sought after gamefish.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 72 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of:  24 yellowfin tuna, 7 amberjack, 2 island jacks, 1 sheepshead, 33 wahoo, 25 yellow snapper, 14 flag cabrilla, 19 leopard grouper, 62 huachinango, 75 sierra, 60 black skipjack and 110 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric


Eric Brictson / Operator

619 488-1859

Los Cabos (624) 142-1147



NORRA Mexican 1000 Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Wed, Mar 15, 2017

Cabo San Lucas Blog | Baja 1000 | cabo san lucas | cabo san lucas blog | los cabos tourist info | Mexico Travel Los Cabos Vacation Rentals

Without doubt, the Baja California peninsula’s most iconic annual event is the Baja 1000,
a high-octane, high-adrenaline off-road challenge for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and other four-wheel vehicles that unfolds over 1,000 miles of rugged terrain.

When the event premiered in 1967 – as a race from Tijuana to La Paz – it was under the auspices of the National Off-Road Racing Association, formed the year before by a group of enthusiasts led by Ed Pearlman and Don Francisco. The latter had been involved in the early 1950s with the Carrera Panamericana, an over 2,000 mile road race across much of mainland Mexico that was then considered the most dangerous racing event in the world. It was Francisco that flew all around Baja to chart a viable course for the first race, Pearlman who handled press and promotion. This was the beginning of the legendary Baja 1000.

NORRA backed out of the race following the OPEC Oil Crisis in 1973, and there was no race at all in 1974. In 1975, eager to continue the tradition, Baja California governor Milton Castellanos convinced promoter Mickey Thompson and his SCORE (Southern California Off-Road Enterprises) organization to take over the race, which they did in 1975. The Baja 1000 has been run under the SCORE banner ever since.

But it was the first few years under NORRA that set the standard for modern off-road racing, and drew celebrity contestants like Indy 500 winner Parnelli Jones, as well as Hollywood movie stars like James Garner and Steve McQueen.

In order to honor that heritage, NORRA restarted the Mexican 1000 in 2010 as a fun, vintage-style rally race. Dubbed “The Happiest Race on Earth,” the new look Mexican 1000 features a mix of restored motorcycles, cars and trucks from the glory era of the Baja 1000, as well as modern desert rally cars. Classes are divided by eras to keep it fun and competitive for all, with high-speed off-road stages linked by controlled-speed highway portions.

The 50th anniversary running of the NORRA Mexican 1000 takes place April 23 – 27, 2017, coursing down the peninsula from Ensenada to San Felipe, San Felipe to Bahia de los Angeles, Bahia de los Angeles to Loreto, Loreto to La Paz, and finishing in San Jose del Cabo, site of the post-race awards ceremony.

To find out more about this legendary event and its fascinating history, visit https://www.norra.com/.

Photo courtesy of National Off-Road Racing Association.




The History of Los Cabos by Population Figures

Mon, Mar 06, 2017

Cabo San Lucas Blog | Los Cabos Real Estate | los cabos tourist info | Los Cabos Vacation Rentals | Los Cabos Villas | Mexico Travel | Mexico Travel Los Cabos Vacation Rentals

Although it would obviously be impossible to tell a nuanced story of Los Cabos based solely on population numbers, these figures do quite elegantly suggest the grand sweep – the soaring highs and devastating lows – of local history.

When the first permanent European settlement on the Baja California peninsula was established by Jesuit missionaries at Loreto in 1697, there were a mere 10 Europeans and an estimated 50,000 indigenous inhabitants. The latter comprised three main tribal groups, one of which was the Pericues, nomadic people whose territorial range included virtually all of the present day municipality of Los Cabos.

The first Jesuit mission was built in San Jose del Cabo in 1730, and by 1799 the community had grown to some 389 inhabitants. Cabo San Lucas, although a port of consequence from the 16th century, was not settled and ranched until the 1820s. In 1835, when an English surgeon and naturalist named Frederick Debell Bennett visited Cabo San Lucas, the small pueblo had only about 30 residents.

By 1851, the peninsular population had dwindled to about 7,000. The natives had largely perished due to European introduced diseases, and many of the Spanish colonizers had left following the Mexican–American War, or because of the subsequent discovery of gold in the former Mexican territory of Alta California.

By 1900, however, the peninsular population had rebounded to almost 50,000, or approximately the number of people who had lived there prior to the European influx. After a five year fin de siglo drought, San Jose thrived as a farming and ranching community during the early 20th century, and by the beginning of the Mexican Revolution in 191o boasted 4,300 residents. Neighboring San Lucas, even with the introduction of a productive cannery, maintained a steady population of about 300 souls as late as 1955.

The age of tourism in Los Cabos effectively began with the opening of Rod Rodriguez’s Hotel Las Cruces Palmilla (on the site of the present day One&Only Palmilla) in 1958. From that point, the demographic arrow shot straight up. Cabo San Lucas grew from 300 to 16,059 by 1990; to 28,483 by 1995; and by 2010 had reached 68,464 residents. Growth in San Jose del Cabo was not quite as spectacular, but as of 2010 it retained its traditional advantage over its cape sister, with 69,788 inhabitants.

The Los Cabos municipality as a whole – which consists of the cape cities and their connecting corridor, plus the East Cape and small towns like Santiago and Miraflores – went from 10,000 residents in 1970 to an all-time high of 287,671 in 2015.

Those figures are expected to rise to keep pace with the current building boom, in which hotel capacity is increasing by about 35% over a three year period. But how high they will ultimately go is a story that is still in progress.

Image of the Jesuits converting the native Pericues courtesy of the Cabo San Lucas Natural History Museum.

Los Cabos Fishing Report – March 5, 2017

Sun, Mar 05, 2017

Cabo San Lucas Blog | Fishing | Baja Fishing | Cabo Fishing | Cabo San Lucas Fishing | Los Cabos Fishing | los cabos tourist info | Los Cabos Vacation Rentals | Los Cabos Villas | Mexico Travel | Mexico Travel Los Cabos Vacation Rentals

March 5, 2017

Similar pattern continues, many tourists arriving from northern territories to enjoy the ideal Southern Baja winter time climate. Not a large percentage of these visitors are serious hard core anglers, though many are deciding to give sportfishing a try as one of their many activity options to choose from. Scores of whales, as well as manta rays, sea lions and sea turtles are an added attraction for sightseeing. As we now transition towards the late winter season, low temperatures early in the morning are much milder, clear sunny skies have prevailed and daytime highs are near 80 degrees and this next week is forecast to be even warmer. Ideal time now to visit this resort area, surely the first waves of spring breakers will be arriving soon.

Ocean swells are moderate, water temperature is now on a slight warming trend, now averaging in the 71 to 73 degree range. Winds were predominately from the north, coming in cycles of two or three days, then diminishing for a period before returning, but for the most part the conditions were favorable for anglers to target what available options there have been. The red snapper bite had slowed over last weekend on the Outer Gordo Banks, but picked back up to start this week, the rare run of larger sized crabs were again present and were being netted and used for baits to drop down for the huachinango action, limits of these true Pacific red snapper were the rule, early in the day these fish were also readily striking on yo-yo style jigs, one California sheepshead weighing close to 30 lb. was also accounted for. This action for the snapper faded out again later in the week, north winds contributed to this and the crabs became very scarce as well, hard to say how this action will pan out in the coming weeks. Not much else going on for a variety of bottom species, a mix of yellow snapper, a few amberjack, cabrilla and the ever present triggerfish off rock piles closer to shore. No yellowtail action be reported this past week.

Sardinas have continued to found schooling close to shoe along stretches from the Regina Resort to Chileno and this was the bait of choice, with squid strips as a backup. The yellowfin tuna action has starting back up off of the Cabo San Lucas Arches, picked up strong mid-week for fish ranging 20 to 40 lb., quality sized yellowfin within a stones through of the shoreline. Wind was not a factor on these grounds, very calm, though once the word got out on this bite developing again the crowds swarmed, of course the sea lions and sea gulls were all in on this action as well. Anglers were doing best while slow trolling the live sardinas, but had to deal with the birds and sea lions taking their baits and then once actually hooking a tuna had to be  fortunate to escape from having a sea lion grab the battling fish. Overall charters were accounted for an average of three to six tuna per morning trip, with many black skipjack in the mix.

With very limited billfish action being found throughout the area and no dorado or wahoo to speak of, this bite for the yellowfin was definitely the best option presently. During this transition period a lot can happen from week to week, still hoping to see some yellowtail of decent size show up, have not seen any numbers of them now for several years, with water temperatures starting to rise hard to say what will develop.

Limited action close to shore now for mainly sierra, along the beach stretches from Palmilla towards Cabo San Lucas, no word of roosterfish recently, though warming water should start to bring in more roosters.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 72 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 1 sheepshead, 1 wahoo,170 yellowfin tuna, 8 bonito, 11 yellow snapper, 5 leopard grouper, 124 huachinango, 15 sierra, 4 amberjack and 80 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric


Eric Brictson / Operator

619 488-1859

Los Cabos (624) 142-1147



14th Annual Todos Santos Film Festival Kicks Off Tonight

Wed, Mar 01, 2017

Cabo San Lucas Blog | cabo san lucas blog | Los Cabos Cultural Events | Los Cabos Events | los cabos tourist info | Mexico Travel Los Cabos Vacation Rentals

Los Cabos burst upon the cinematic circuit in 2012, with a flurry of red carpet galas and glamorous  soirees featuring A-list movie stars. The arrival of the Los Cabos International Film Festival was good news for Baja California Sur based cinephiles, but hardly a novelty since the nearby pueblo magico of Todos Santos had been hosting its own celebration of motion pictures since 2004.

The most traditional and long-running local film festival returns tonight, March 1, with a celebration of Youth in Video – one of the festival’s more enduring programs – at La Morena restaurant in Todos Santos; an evening of special screenings at the historic Teatro-Cine General Manuel Marquez de Leon; and, in the state capital of La Paz, a documentary about Mexican revolutionary hero Pancho Villa, as well as awards honoring the director, Carlos Bolado, distinguished actor Damian Alcazar, and actor and native son Enoc Leaño.

The 14th annual edition of the Todos Santos Film Festival will conclude Sunday, March 5. In the interim, locals and visitors alike are invited to enjoy a slate of fine films representing the best of contemporary Mexican and Latin American cinema. Given its proximity to Los Cabos – Todos Santos is less than an hour by car from Cabo San Lucas – the festival is one of the region’s most popular cultural attractions.

El Festival de Cine Todos Santos, as it is known in Spanish, was originally founded by local resident Sylvia Perel. Born in Argentina, Perel took a degree in Art History and founded and directed The Latino Film Festival in San Francisco before settling in Baja California Sur in 2000. Her meticulously curated Todos Santos Film Festival has, from its inception, been dedicated to promoting cinematic culture in the region, and in recent years has increasingly established a presence in nearby Pescadero, as well as in La Paz. Screenings will once again be held in all three communities this year: at Casa Ejidal in Pescadero, and at Cinemex and other select locations in La Paz.

The primary showcase, however, remains the beautifully renovated Teatro-Cine General Manuel Marquez de Leon, a vintage theater which first opened in 1944 across from the plaza principal in Todos Santos. Named for a 19th century military leader and freedom fighter, the Marquez on the marquee was a native of the mining community of San Antonio, but resided for many years in Todos Santos. His name also graces the international airport in La Paz.

Although all screenings are in Spanish, gringos needn’t feel excluded. Each of the  films screened at the 14th annual Todos Santos Film Festival will be accompanied by English subtitles. For a complete program of movie listings, or for information about tickets, visit www.todossantoscine.org.

Photo courtesy of the Todos Santos Film Festival.

Los Cabos Fishing Report – February 26, 2017

Sun, Feb 26, 2017

Cabo San Lucas Blog | Fishing | Baja Fishing | Cabo Fishing | Cabo San Lucas Fishing | Los Cabos Fishing | Los Cabos Vacation Rentals | Mexico Travel Los Cabos Vacation Rentals

February 26, 2017

There did seem to be larger crowds of tourists in town this past week, enjoying the spring like weather conditions, though not many anglers are in these numbers of people, as amount of charters are slower, not that unusual for this time frame though, this is never considered to peak season for any of the more glamorous gamefish species. We did have a day of rainfall last weekend, isolated showers that really did not amount to much, also more winds, both from the south and then returning from out of the north, this combined to slow down the all-around fishing action. Water temperature has been averaging about 69 to 70 degrees through most of the region, currents have been strong at times and swells also increased during the previous week, before residing back down. Crazy weather this time of year, as we begin to transition from winter to spring.

Bait netters are finding sardinas still near Palmilla and towards Regina Resort, other options have been strips of squid and we are starting to use some yo-yo jigs more as well. The tuna action has been centered near the Iman Bank, where fish up to 60 lb. were landed, though the past week this action did slow way down, with anglers very fortunate to land one or two of these yellowfin, which were most of the time averaging 20 to 30 lb. More charters are also starting to work the bottom for various pargo, snapper, amberjack, cabrilla, bonito, yellowtail and other species. You have to have calmer conditions to be able to really have good chances for this type of action. Lots of sea lions to contend with as well, getting more than their share of the catch.

There has been a great bite for huachinango (red snapper) on the Outer Gordo Bank, not many people even knew about this. There was an unusual run of larger size reddish crabs drifting to the surface, averaging two to three inches in size, much larger than the more common pelagic red crabs that we see this time of year, these crabs found in recent days are a much rarer occurrence. The deal was to cruise around these grounds and net what crabs you could and then rig them up with sinkers and drop towards the bottom. The few charters that did try this did very well on quality snapper up to 14 lb. Though they also had to battle the sea lions, who also knew about these schooling snappers and were waiting for their chance at easy pickings of hooked up fish. Big numbers of humpback whales also still congregating on these same popular fishing grounds.

There were some smaller sized yellowtail, most in the 4 to 8 lb. class off of Palmilla, still waiting for larger fish to move in. Also some amberjack in the 5 to 25 lb. class, an occasional leopard grouper or yellow snapper, of course many triggerfish in the mix as well. Not much going on for inshore action, only a few boats even trying, mainly for limited numbers of smaller sized sierra.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out  approximately 63 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 1 striped marlin,  29 yellowfin tuna, 10 bonito, 14 yellow snapper, 13 leopard grouper, 165 huachinango, 18 sierra, 12 yellowtail, 26 amberjack and 55 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric


Eric Brictson / Operator

619 488-1859

Los Cabos (624) 142-1147



Golfing for a Good Cause – Paws ‘n Claws Tournament Returns

Tue, Feb 21, 2017

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No one rallies the Los Cabos community around a good cause quite

as effectively as the local Humane Society.

Their secret? Great events.

Each winter esteemed Señoras and Señors gladly don holiday finery for the always popular Dressed to the K9s, an elegant costume themed gala featuring dinner, drinks and dancing. And every spring, sporting types hit the links for a golf tournament, the famed “Paws ‘n Claws,” reliving their most memorable shots over dinner the same evening.

The end result of these convivial social gatherings, besides a great time had by all, is continued funding for local spay and neuter programs, adoption efforts, and other animal focused initiatives.

This year, the 12th annual Paws ‘n Claws Open Golf Tournament & BBQ will take place Saturday, April 1, on the Mountain and Arroyo Courses at Palmilla Golf Club. Palmilla’s unique 27-hole layout – spread over three 9-hole courses: Ocean, Mountain and Arroyo – was designed by none other than 18-time major champion Jack Nicklaus.

“The Golden Bear” is the godfather of golf in Los Cabos, having crafted six world-class courses locally: Palmilla, Cabo del Sol’s Ocean Course, El Dorado, Club Campestre, Quivira, and a composite design with Greg Norman at Puerto Los Cabos. Palmilla Golf Club was his first design, not only in Los Cabos, but in all of Latin America. The Mountain and Arroyo Courses were completed in 1992, the complementary Ocean layout five years later. Over the past 25 years, Palmilla has hosted many tournaments, including the 1997 PGA Senior Slam – in which Nicklaus was narrowly defeated by Hale Irwin – and the 2007 Audi World Cup Finals.

The post-tournament dinner this year is actually an afternoon BBQ hosted by Acre, one of the leading lights (along with Flora Farm and Huerta Los Tamarindos) of the local farm-to-table movement. The 25-acre Acre farm is acclaimed for its fresh produce and onsite restaurant and cocktail bar, and will soon be the site of the area’s only treehouse accommodations. The BBQ is scheduled for 2 – 6 p.m., and as always will be accompanied by live entertainment and a silent auction.

For more information about the Paws ‘n Claws Open Golf Tournament and BBQ, call Linda at (624) 172-6349 or visit www.loscaboshumanesociety.com. To purchase tickets, call Margarita at (624) 129-7399, or Barbara at (624) 143-2726.

Photo courtesy of Los Cabos Humane Society.

Please click here for accommodations through Los Cabos Vacation Rentals.

Los Cabos Fishing Report – February 19, 2017

Sun, Feb 19, 2017

Cabo San Lucas Blog | Fishing | Baja Fishing | Cabo Fishing | Cabo San Lucas Fishing | Los Cabos Fishing | Los Cabos Vacation Rentals | Los Cabos Villas | Mexico Travel | Mexico Travel Los Cabos Vacation Rentals

February 19, 2017

We are now in the middle of the unpredictable month of February, last week weather patterns felt more like late springtime, this week conditions were cooler, more typical to what they usually would feel like, with low temperatures close to 50 degrees and highs in the mid-70s, still very pleasant conditions compared to areas across North America. Winds this past week were mild, though later in the week the ocean swells increased and this made it hard for the bait netters to reach areas where the schooling sardinas were holding. The sardinas had been found off of the Melia to Chileno beach stretches, but a new resource of larger sized sardinas had been found to the north, off of San Luis, which is directly inshore of the preferred fishing grounds.

So now we will be waiting for surf conditions to reside some so the bait can be netted again, in the meantime anglers were relying on what bait was available, some caballito and squid. Also it was time to start using yo-yo style jigs off of the bottom structure. With ocean temperatures now in the 69 to 71 degree range, it is the season where charters are commonly targeting a variety of good eating bottom species and this is what is going on now. We are seeing better catches of red snapper, yellow snapper, amberjack, yellowtail, cabrilla, triggerfish and bonito. Still a little up and down from day to day, though this fishery is showing promise of getting on track, after not showing much activity through last month. Fishing grounds from Palmilla, La Fortuna, Iman and San Luis all had better signs of action recently.

The yellowtail that have been found have been smaller sized, most of them under five pounds, though at least we are seeing them showing up and we are optimistic that lager sized fish will move in soon. A mix of leopard grouper, red and yellow snapper, amberjack, bonito and triggerfish has rounded out the bottom action, many of these fish are striking on yo-yo jigs and others on various whole and cut baits. One amberjack of 80 lb. was reported, though most of the ones we saw were more in the 10 to 15 lb. class.

With the billfish bite being very limited now off of the San Jose del Cabo area and the dorado bite being dead as well, the highlight for any surface action has continued to be the yellowfin tuna. Last week the tuna were found off the Cabo San Lucas arches, this week the local sportfishing charters have been concentrated back on their normal grounds to the north of Punta Gorda, with the Iman and San Luis Banks being the better options. Yellowfin tuna up to 50 lb. were accounted for, though the average size of the yellowfin were more in the 15 to 25 lb. class. These fish were striking on sardinas, when they were available, also on strips of squid and the yo-yo jigs. Catches ranged from one or two fish, up to five or sox, not off the map wide open, but nevertheless good for this time of year, when we often do not even see any tuna. A few wahoo were seen free swimming and were also hooked into, resulting in cut lines, a bit surprising to see these fish still hanging around in the cooler water, most of them would be in southern waters at this time.

Not much action close to sore now, this is the time for sierra, so far just a few here and there, most charters have been out trying for the tuna or bottom species. Cooler water now for roosterfish, though there is always a chance. Considering the water temperature, the conditions have showed cleaner bluish water through much of the area, spots of greener currents in places.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 78 charters for the week, with anglers reporting a fish count of: 2 striped marlin, 160 yellowfin tuna, 1 wahoo, 32 bonito, 18 yellow snapper, 17 leopard grouper, 82 huachinango, 32 sierra, 18 yellowtail, 22 amberjack and 90 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric


Eric Brictson / Operator

619 488-1859

Los Cabos (624) 142-1147



NFL Stars Align in Cabo for Celebrity Golf and Fishing Tournaments

Tue, Feb 14, 2017

Cabo San Lucas Blog | Los Cabos Events | los cabos tourist info | Los Cabos Vacation Rentals | Mexico Travel | Mexico Travel Los Cabos Vacation Rentals

Cabo San Lucas has always been popular with actors and professional athletes, but where the latter are concerned it hasn’t always been met with widespread acclaim.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was roundly pilloried for his decision to vacation at Land’s End with Jessica Simpson before a 2007 playoff game against the rival New York Giants, a game favored Dallas subsequently lost.

Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, meanwhile, was famously photographed clubbing at late night Los Cabos landmark El Squid Roe during Spring Break 2013, an early glimpse into the hard-partying behavior that would characterize his pro career.

NFL players such as current Dallas starting QB Dak Prescott can look forward to a new era in Cabo, however, thanks to the inaugural Baja Athletic Conference, slated for February 23 – 26, 2017.

Now, rather than taking heat for their decision to head south of the border, NFL players can bask in the heat of Cabo’s “endless summer” while working on their chipping, putting and casting techniques. The three-day event kicks off, so to speak, with a large memorabilia signing session, followed by world-class golf and fishing tournaments in which the public is invited to play with the pros while competing for up to $1o,ooo in cash in each event.

The golf tournament is hosted by The Dunes at Diamante – currently ranked as the 38th best course in the world by GOLF Magazine – as well as the Tiger Woods designed El Cardonal at Diamante. The fishing tournament takes place the following day, with jackpots awarded to the biggest catch in several categories, including billfish, tuna, wahoo and dorado. VIP cocktail parties are also on tap, both at The Cape Hotel and the Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Below is a complete list of NFL participants…

NFL Legends:  Kellen Winslow, Charlie Joiner, Anthony Muñoz, Dermontti Dawson, Thurman Thomas, Kenny Houston, Michael Haynes, Paul Krause, Cris Carter, Ray Guy, James Lofton, Bobby Bell, John Randle, Curley Culp, Warren Sapp, Willie Roaf, Mel Renfro, Andre Reed, John Stallworth, Chris Doleman

Current NFL Players:  Dak Prescott, James White, Jason Verrett, Kevin White, Mike Adams, Torrey Smith, Jordan Reed, Brett Hundley, Braxton Miller, Giovanni Bernard, Kenyan Drake, Danielle Hunter, Michael Thomas, Dominique Easley, Kelvin Benjamin, Thomas Davis, Delanie Walker, Kyle Harrington, Bradley Sowell, Frostee Rucker, Caleb Benenoch

For tickets or additional information about the inaugural Baja Athletic Conference, go to www.bajaathleticconference.com.

Photo courtesy of Baja Athletic Conference.